Curriculum Vitae

Yanfeng Wu

Contact Information

Email: wuyf.phd_AT_foxmail_dot_com (please replace “_AT_”, “_dot_” with “@”, “.”, respectively)

Work Experience

  • 2019.12 ~ Present, Asistant Professor, School of Finance, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics.
  • 2019.06 ~ 2019.10, Crew Schedule Supporter, Sabre Airline Solutions, Sabre Corporation.
  • 2018.08 ~ 2019.05, Researcher, China Eastern Technology Application Research and Development Center Co., Ltd.

Education Background

  • 2013 ~ 2018, Ph.D. in Management Science and Engineering, School of Management, Fudan University
  • 2016 ~ 2017, Visting student, Systems Engineering & Operations Research, George Mason University
  • 2010 ~ 2013, Master, Management Science and Engineering, Tongji University
  • 2006 ~ 2010, Bachelor, Logistics Management, Qingdao University of Science and Technology

Research Fields and Interests

Monte Carlo Simulation; Stochastic Optimization; Linear Optimization; Statistical inference; MCMC Sampling.


Familiar with following algorithms:

  • Statistical inference methods: MLE(EM, Sequential Monte Carlo), Bayesian method, Method of Moments
  • MCMC Sampling: Gibbs Sampling, Metropolis–Hastings algorithm
  • K-mean, KNN
  • Regression: Linear Regression, Logistics Regression
  • Optimization Algorithms: simplex algorithm, branch and bound method, column generation algorithm, Newton-Raphson method and so on

Project Experience

  • Flight Schedule Recovery: A Simulation Based Approach
    • Consider complicated constraints and uncertainties through discrete-event simulation based approach;
    • Incorporate rule-based algorithms, common practices used by schedulers, i.e., learn from schedulers’ experience;
    • Code with Python and using Discrete Event Dynamic System Simulation Framework;
    • Simulation Animation Demo.
  • Optimal Aircraft Backup Capacity Plan
    • Aim at decreasing flight delays as much as possible;
    • As a major coordinator, make the project agenda and control the process with the counterpart from China Eastern Airlines;
    • Analyze flight delays causes and time distributions and find the bottleneck airports and flights.

Coding Experience

  • makeup examination(补考) scheduling
    • minimize the total number of classrooms, meeting certain constraints
    • coding tools: Excel VBA
  • auto-translation of PDF(->Word) documents
    • a simple online ERP system for cross-border e-commerce sellers
    • coding tools: Linux+Apache2+MySQL+Python, Python Package Jinja2(a html template engine), HTML, CSS, JavaScript
    • an assistant website for Math, English, Programming learning
    • coding tools: RStudio, R Package blogdown, Hugo(another html template engine), HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JavaScript package MathJax
    • my personal website
    • coding tools: RStudio, R Package blogdown, MathJax, Hugo

Computer Skills

  • Languages: Python, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, SQL (quit using Visual Basic, VBA, PHP)
  • Numerical experiment tools: R, MATLAB, CPLEX (quit using SPSS, EVIEWS)
  • Web Scraping: Python Package requests, BeautifulSoup and Selenium(Web Browser Automation)
  • Writing Tools: LaTeX via TeXworks, Markdown via Pandoc
  • Additional(less practiced) languages: Java, C, C++
  • Operating Systems: 50% Ubuntu, 50% Windows


  • interested in: Stanford CoreNLP
  • exploring: Python package sklearn and tensorflow